Japanese Chin Puppy Sable and White Black and white Japanese Chin Puppy

The Japanese Chin Breed Info

  Japanese Chins (also known as Japanese Spaniel) have a small and square body with a face that is pushed-in with puggish and protruding eyes. They can also easily be mistaken for the Pekingese. What makes Japanese Chins different from the Pekingese is more graceful movement that is taller on the leg and a much lighter body. This breed is a spaniel and shares common traits with the King Charles Spaniel that also originated in Japan. However, Chins have more of a perky confidence than the slower-moving spaniel. They are full of life but very dignified little oriental that enjoys being the center of attention.

  This dog breed is a happy, affectionate, hardy, playful, easy going, and a loyal family pet. They are wary of strangers and can be mildly stubborn, but usually respond to patient and persistent training, and are on the average to high care level. They need to be socialized at an early stage in order to help build confidence. Chins are usually good with children, although they may not tolerate their commotion and roughhousing. Spoiling this breed creates a controlling, nippy, and insecure dog. They can be difficult to housebreak and can easily damage their protruding eyes on a leash or a door. Your breeder should be able to tell you what temperament your chin has.

Characteristics: Happy, lively, elegant, and intelligent little dog, with almost catlike movement.

Appearance: The Japanese Chin is a small, well balanced, lively, aristocratic toy dog with a distinctive Oriental expression. The plumed tail is carried over the back, curving tightly to either side. The coat is profuse, silky, soft and straight. A show dog's outline presents an square appearance, the highest point of the withers equal to the length of the back. They are solidly built and compact, carrying good weight in proportion to height and build. A lot of chins either grow to long or to big or don't have the right markings to be show dogs.

Head: Expression - bright, inquisitive, alert, and intelligent. The large broad head, wide set eyes, short broad- pushed in- nose, ear feathering and evenly patterned facial markings, create the distinctive Oriental expression. The eyes are set wide apart, large, dark in color, and protruding quite a bit. A small amount of white showing in the inner corners of the eyes is a breed characteristic that gives chins a look of astonishment. Ears are hanging, small, wide apart, V- shaped and set slightly below the crown of the skull. The slight undershot jaw is a breed characteristic and not a flaw.

  The Japanese chin's coat is thick, straight and silky. It needs weekly grooming and a monthly bath. The head and muzzle are covered with short hair except for the ears.

Color and Markings: This breed has two color variations, black and white, and red and white. Lemon and white and sable and white are both lighter versions of red and white.